What You Should Know About Home Theater Streaming Surround Sound

Live Streaming in Home Theater

Live Streaming in Home Theater

“Can one stream surround sound?” is among the most asked questions by those who enjoy watching movies or TV shows on their home theater system. Finding a streaming service with this feature can be challenging, given the various options available today. However, there are several advantages to streaming in surround sound, so if you still need to start doing it, it’s worth looking into. Streaming in surround may enhance the home theater experience, from robust and immersive audio to a wide range of programming alternatives. Home Theater Installation Services  

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What You Should Know About Home Theater Streaming Surround Sound

1. Can You Stream Movies In Surround Sound?

For many years, surround sound has been a standard in movie theaters; lately, home theater systems have adopted it. With this technology, you may experience a realistic auditory experience that puts you directly in the center of the action on the screen. A streaming app must pass through your smart TV or streaming device and sound system to receive surround sound. 

2.What are Streaming Services and Streaming Devices?

A streaming device is an equipment, such as a Roku or Apple TV, that sends material to your television via the Internet. On the other hand, streaming services, such as Netflix or Hulu, are programs you can access on your streaming device. 

Home theaters with popular streaming technology include: 

  • Apple TV 
  • Roku 
  • Amazon Fire TV 
  • Chromecast 

 Streaming devices offer more channels and possibilities than streaming services, such as Hulu, making them different from streaming services. In addition, streaming services are made expressly to work with streaming hardware. 

3. Decoding And Encoding Surround Sound

Most streaming devices transcode encoded surround sound data into a format that a TV, soundbar, receiver, or other external audio systems can decode rather than decoding surround sound itself. In addition, most smart TVs support surround sound codecs and can broadcast encoded surround sound data to an external audio system. However, the manufacturer may never upgrade the device’s compatibility with surround sound formats.  

4. Audio Passthrough

You need a streaming device with audio passthrough to experience streaming surround sound from your preferred services. The capacity of a smart TV or set-top box to transfer encoded surround sound signals through it and into an external speaker system is known as an audio passthrough. If you need clarification, there are a few ways to check if your TV has an audio passthrough.  


  • Check the Specifications.

The simplest way to check if your TV has an audio passthrough is to do this. This information is in the technical specs of all modern TVs.  

  • Examine the Input.

Examining the TV’s inputs is another approach to make sure. For example, if you see an optical audio port, your TV probably has an audio passthrough.  

  • Try It Out.

You may also test streaming a surround-sound movie or television program to determine if your TV sends the audio to your external speakers. Check with your manufacturer to see if an update is available if you have a newer TV that won’t send the signal through.  

Streaming In Surround Sound Tips

You can achieve the optimum surround sound experience from your streaming providers by following the advice below.  


  • Adjust Your Room Acoustics 

An excellent method to enhance the surround sound experience is to improve the acoustics of your room. You can do the following to raise the audio quality in your home theater:  

  • Add acoustic panels or bass traps to absorb extra sound energy
  • Placing furniture and rugs to assist in minimizing the reverb
  • Closing doors and windows

 Ensure that your surround sound system is adjusted appropriately to reduce noise from outside. These are all excellent ways to improve your surround sound experience if you have the time and money.  


  • Avoid Placing Seats Near Walls  

Keeping the chairs away from walls is another approach to enhance your surround sound experience. It will contribute to creating a roomier, more immersive surround sound experience.  


  • For the Best Results, Use an HDMI Cable.  

When connecting your devices, use an HDMI cable for the finest audio signal quality. An HDMI cable will guarantee the highest-quality sound possible because it can carry video and audio signals.  


  • Check Your Connections and Cables.  

First, check your cables and connections if your streaming service isn’t providing multichannel sound. Next, ensure that all of your gadgets are securely connected, and check the condition of the cords.  


  • Change the Location of Your Subwoofer.  

A different location can help if your subwoofer isn’t producing the required surround sound effect. Subwoofers work best when placed in the corner of a room, but they can also be put next to walls or other locations, depending on your particular configuration.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the 3 Essential Components of a Home Theater System?

The three essential elements of a home theater are a screen, an audio system, and a media player.

How Many Speakers Are Good for a Home Theater?

You need a minimum of 3 home theater speakers (left, right, and center) for genuine home theater sound. Five speakers are required for genuine surround sound (left, right, center, and two back).

What is the Difference Between Surround Sound from a Home Theater System?

Although they are frequently used interchangeably, the two are slightly different. A home theater system is just the entire setup, including a TV, DVD/Blu-ray player, and surround sound speakers.

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