What Do You Need to Know Before Purchasing a 4K TV?


The technology that everyone desires in their houses is 4K TVs. 4k TVs have a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, which is four times greater than a 1080p TV, and how this technology got its name. They feature an unmatched clarity that will make your screen come to life. Before splurging on this purchase, you should know a few factors. There are so many tv alternatives available to customers at the store it might be bewildering.

Are you in the market for a 4K TV? First, it’s essential to do your research and understand what features are available. Then, contact Ambrosic Home Theater Designs, LLC today to discuss your needs and find the perfect television for your home. In addition, we offer expert advice and installation services to ensure your new TV is up and running.

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What Is There to Know Before Purchasing a 4K TV

Here are things you need to know before buying a 4K TV.

1. 4K Resolution

Even though the box claims it to be a 4K TV, is it? Does it support 4:4:4 color, each television pixel receiving color information? Read the television’s specifications carefully, or give us a call and we’ll explain them to you. You shouldn’t proceed with your purchase until you are sure it is a genuine 4K TV.

2. Size

It’s obvious, but you should ensure your living room has adequate room for a large screen TV. You don’t want to choose a tv that will not fit or leave a lot of space against the walls if it is too small. You should measure your length using the same method TV screens use to measure their diagonals. It would help if you also decide whether you’ll use a TV stand or a wall mount. Again, it’s a matter of preference; most TVs have metal or plastic feet at the bottom and can be mounted to the wall. There are wall tv mounts for just about every size and weight, so weight shouldn’t be an issue.

Remember that you’ll need more room to attain the most excellent viewing angle the more significant the TV is. If you choose a 65-inch TV, ensure at least eight feet between the TV and the sofa. Take into account anything smaller if you don’t have this much room.

3. HDR

Media Room with soundbar

The most significant advancement in television in the last ten years has been HDR. High Dynamic Range, sometimes known as HDR, significantly improves the performance of the brightness and contrast controls. It offers more shading and detail than is already conceivable. Spending money on a new TV that doesn’t support HDR would be wasteful. Look for HDR, or High Dynamic Range, in the 4K TV specifications. Go to the next TV if it isn’t listed!

4. Ports and Inputs

You could wish to connect your TV to a soundbar, video game console, or Blu-ray player. A 4K TV with three or four  Interface (HDMI) ports is what you should seek out if this is the situation. In addition, you might want to connect specific legacy devices, such as a vintage sound system, VCR, or DVD player, to your 4K TV. If so, search for models with optical audio or composite TV ports.

5. Display  Type

QLED, LCD, and LED What’s the distinction? You’ll see versions of these acronyms which relate to display type when looking for a new 4K TV.

It uses two layers of polarized glass, which liquid crystals pass through and block light to produce a picture in liquid crystal displays, or LCDs. LCD screens require fluorescent bulbs to function as a backlight system because they cannot have their light source. Because of this, older TVs are substantially larger than modern TVs.

Manufacturers have gradually switched to LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology, which is more effective and less expensive to create, to replace those bulbs in LCD panels. LCD and LED are currently interchangeable and equivalent terms. On the other hand, OLEDs (Organic Light-Emitting Diodes) can provide their light source without needing backlighting. OLED TVs are thinner than LED 4K ones and have considerably higher color contrast and deep black depths. OLED TVs also have significantly broader and superior viewing angles.

6. The Right HDR / 4K Accessories

The correct accessories to enable 4K content must be purchased when your REAL 4K TV specifications have been established. Your 4K TV should display genuine 4K content in its intended format. To explicitly handle the entire HDMI 2.0a specifications, special cables are produced. Your audiovisual specialist ought to be able to tell you whether the wires they’re utilizing meet these requirements. Query them. You should not buy the TV or accessories from them if they cannot respond to that query. The products that trained audiovisual professionals to install should be familiar.

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If you are looking for a 4K TV, it’s essential to ensure you understand all the different features and specifications available before making your purchase.

At Ambrosic Home Theater Designs, LLC, we want to help make your home theater experience perfect.  We can help you pick out a suitable television and set it up in your home to enjoy all the benefits of 4K technology. So give us a call today to get started!

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