What are the Incredible Benefits of Investing In An Outdoor Entertainment System?

Outdoor Entertainment System

Outdoor Entertainment System

People use outdoor entertainment systems more frequently, searching for new ways to enjoy their gardens. Many technology options are now available to provide the best outdoor entertainment as outdoor living spaces quickly become an addition to our homes. You can create a fantastic outdoor entertainment experience that will make your backyard area feel like a private theater with a high-tech outdoor AV system. Our outdoor AV systems are ideal when you invite everyone to your house for a BBQ, swimming pool, or matchday entertainment. Add music, film, and a lighting control system to create the ideal outdoor place for family and friends. 

 Ambrosic Home Theater Designs, LLC has teamed up with the best brands to create a beautiful, first-rate entertainment system tucked away throughout your outdoor space. Contact us immediately for a consultation to discuss how we might enhance your backyard experience!

The Benefits of Investing In An Outdoor Entertainment System

1. It Has Appealing Visuals

You don’t need to change the décor of your outdoor spaces to add an AV system. Instead, distribute many evenly-spaced landscape speakers across the backyard for complete sound coverage. The system will take up very little space in your backyard thanks to below-ground subwoofers. In addition, it won’t interfere with the beautiful gardens, fountains, sculptures, or other landscaping elements in your yard.

 You can also place AV equipment on your patio or deck to maintain its aesthetic appeal. An immersive music experience is provided by speakers concealed in the walls and ceilings, saving valuable patio space. Additionally, big-screen TVs can be hidden when not in use with wall mounts, lifts, and unique outdoor TV cabinets. Spend time talking around the fireplace and gazing out into the garden without a big screen blocking the incredible view.

2. It Combines With Home Automation Systems And Other Smart Home Technology.

Audiovisual equipment is easily installed outside with the help of a professional. It is because we can integrate all of your AV components into your current home audiovisual setup. We are convinced that if you have a multi-room AV system, you will love how easy it is to select music and movies for any room in the house using a single interface, such as a tablet or smartphone. What distinguishes your outdoor setup from your indoor setup, then? With an integrated system, you may access your streaming music and video material from either inside or outside, the radio, audiobooks, vinyl records, and even Blu-ray players.


And that’s not all. We can add more clever features to your control systems to enhance your outside enjoyment, such as automated blinds, intelligent landscape lighting, and a jacuzzi. So, with a single touch of your smartphone, iPad, or remote control, you can enjoy a lovely summer evening outside by turning on multicolored LED lights in the garden and starting jazz music on the patio.

3. It is Multipurpose and Can Meet All of Your Entertainment Needs.

Outdoor AV can meet all of your entertainment demands this summer. Are you and a few others getting together one evening? Create multiple party areas and use multi-room music to play different musical genres. In the living room, kitchen, or balcony, guests may spread out and mingle while enjoying a unique acoustic experience in each area.

4. You Can Get More Use of Your Backyard.

An outdoor audio system will give you many additional options to enjoy your backyard. Take your training outside, for instance, and swim laps while blasting a motivating soundtrack through your outdoor speakers. 

 Combine your speaker system with an outdoor TV for a movie or karaoke night. If you don’t have a TV, you can still listen to a sporting event outside as you grill without missing a play. Additionally, listening to music while working outside on the porch makes the task more enjoyable. You can accomplish a lot with your outdoor speakers! 

5. Discreet Speakers Keep Your Landscaping Front and Center.

You take care to maintain the beauty of your outside areas all year. So we understand why you want to avoid loudspeakers detracting from your tastefully designed landscaping. Fortunately, the most excellent outdoor speakers available today from companies like Sonance are made with the landscape in mind. They may be tucked away amid your plants and gardens or even made to look like rocks. So you can enjoy high-quality audio without jeopardizing your meticulously maintained backyard. Your outdoor speakers can complement your landscaping design rather than work against it. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do Outdoor Speakers Need to be Covered?

Yes, outdoor speakers need to be covered. They will need protection because many outdoor speakers are weather-resistant rather than waterproof. Are your eaves near the deck or the ground? Install speakers underground to shield them from the elements. Mount them at most 10 feet above the listening area, though.

Can Outdoor Speakers Withstand Hot and Cold Temperatures?

We at Ambrosic Home Theater Designs, LLC only use waterproof materials to install outdoor speaker systems. They are highly functional in snow and rain and can tolerate extreme temperature changes. Get the sound you want, no matter the time of year or the weather.

Is Outdoor Speakers USB Compatible?

The majority of USB and MP3 devices are compatible with each speaker system. However, to guarantee you have the accessibility you require, inquire about a particular system.

Professional Custom Home Entertainment Services

Ambrosic Home Theater Designs, LLC has created outdoor entertainment spaces since 2000, including home theaters, outdoor media rooms, and landscape music. We can also help you bring your favorite music, TV shows, and sports teams outside. So whether your goal is to enjoy a chill movie night with your family or a full-blown backyard party, Ambrosic Home Theater Designs, LLC will help you find a unique automation solution for any occasion.


We like designing and implementing outdoor audiovisual installations in residences and commercial buildings. So, to discuss starting your project, get in touch with us right away!

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