Modus VR technology

Do you want a home theater or media room but can’t visualize the space? Ambrosic Home Theater Designs is offering Modus VR (virtual reality) services as a new and exciting way to see your space BEFORE the construction even begins.

As South Carolina’s only Modus VR dealer, we have the opportunity to give you that “WOW” factor long before you’ve bought the TV, the furniture, and possibly even have the room or house built. We put you in your new space within minutes with everything from lighting to a Foosball table, if you want! Dream of having a 65-inch TV screen in your space? With our professional experience and the use of Modus VR you will be able to visualize if that size TV will be too small or if you need to go even bigger.  Modus VR is here to help you decide on the “perfect” size before you make the investment.

Modus VR’s incredible design software eliminates uncertainty and shows you the best possible home theater for your space and budget. Modus VR helps us provide you with what you want and allows for making changes at no cost. Go ahead, make a speaker change or furniture change. Modus VR gives you the clarity you need to make your audio video dreams come true.