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Ambrosic Home Theater Designs, LLC

April 18, 2022

Home theaters are capturing a huge percentage of the home entertainment industry worldwide. It is a place for families to enjoy the fun of a real movie theater experience right in their own homes or watch TV in an atmosphere far superior to a simple living room or family room.

To provide the ultimate entertainment experience your home theater should be designed in such a way that each component from seating to the home theater speakers should provide an original scenario to genuine theaters.

The Speakers

Speakers play a significant role in setting up a home theater no matter the size of the room. You will want to consider looking at the best quality speakers that fit your budget. Consulting with a certified audio-video (AV) professional who understands your specific needs is well worth the investment. Your AV professional will listen to you and recommend products based on your budget, the room size, the make-up of the room, and your entertainment preferences.  Prices can range from $200 to $100,000* and up. As speakers play a vital role in providing that movie theater experience, let’s take a look at three areas you will need to focus on in your selection:

1) Budget: An essential element that influences the purchasing of home theater speakers is the budget. As mentioned above, there is a wide range of speakers to choose from in terms of pricing. The most expensive may not always be the right choice or fit for your home theater. Invest your dollars in purchasing surround sound speakers that will add to the appeal of having your home theater and leave an extraordinary impression with your viewers and listeners.

2) Your Requirements: There are numerous styles of speakers with a complete range of quality and features. The primary thing to be done on your end, working with your AV professional, is to come up with a list of the most required features that you desire that will give you the best possible sound for your home theater. Some speakers possess features like Dolby Atmos or certified THX (true movie house sound). The various features of the speakers can make or break the mood you dream of creating. Opt for a minimum 5-speaker system for the best surround sound quality and performance.

3) Makes and Design:  Depending on your room set-up, speaker designs will be important as well.  Speakers are available in-wall, in-ceiling, stand alone and book shelf.  Again, this is where the advice from your AV professional will add value to your home theater experience. Want to see your dream design in a real-world setting?  A new product, Modus VR*, allows their certified AV professionals to create your room in real-time, allowing you to experience your one-of-a-kind theater before construction even begins.

Once you’ve selected a couple of speaker brands, do your research and ask questions.  Check on product reviews and testimonials. You may also want to check the warranties, but a credible AV professional will work with you on product replacements, if needed, on equipment they have installed.

So, you’ve done your homework – now grab the popcorn and ENJOY!

*Ambrosic Home Theater Designs is an authorized retailer of many speaker brands: Origin Acoustics, Martin Logan, James Loudspeakers, California Audio Tech, JBL, KDF and more, and recommends them for their quality, price and features.

*Ambrosic Home Theater Designs is the only certified Modus VR professional in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. 

Article written by Frank Ambrosic, owner of Ambrosic Home Theater Designs, a custom home entertainment company since 2000. Visit us at www.ahtdesgns.com for more about our company.


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